What is CHEDIH: Circular Health European Digital Innovation Hub

The consortium coordinated by the University of Turin with the CHEDIH proposal obtained EU co-funding on the European Digital Innovation Hub call. The proposal is focused on the theme of “Circular Health” in the Health and Agri-food sectors. The consortium includes – alongside the University of Turin – the participation of: Eastern Piedmont University, DIH Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, the managers of the bioPmed and Agrifood innovation clusters, Confindustria Piedmont, ITS ICT, CSI, the financial consultant independent company T Lab Consulting, the CastaldiPartners law firm, EIT Health KIC and a network of associated partners.

The call for tenders for the new Digital Europe EU funding programme, due out in June 2021 and expiring in early autumn, will lead to the development of a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), non-profit entities, throughout the EU, connected between them, to encourage the digitization of SMEs and PAs and create new business opportunities.

Each EDIH, with its specialization, will provide:

– testing and experimentation services (including digital assessment and technology brokerage);
– identification of public and private funding opportunities and support for accessing them;
– personnel training;
– networking locally and internationally.

SMEs will be able to receive these services free of charge up to a price of €200,000 or at discounted prices for more advanced services. Large companies, on the other hand, will have to pay for these services at list price. The PAs will use it free of charge.

It is now recognized that the approach to health must also consider the ecosystem in which man lives: animals, plants and the environment. As an objective, the Circular Health EDIH project therefore combines healthcare with the agri-food system which is based on the interaction between urban, rural and natural ecosystems.

Starting from the beginning of 2023, Il futuro CHEDIH will provide testing and experimentation services for innovative solutions for health and agri-food based on even advanced digital technologies, such as AI, High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cloud and IoT.

The CHEDIH consortium has mapped the needs of companies and local PAs in the Health and/or Agri-food sectors in order to effectively respond to the needs in terms of digitization of the economic system of Piedmont and Valle D’Aosta and optimize planning by CHEDIH.